Creativity Coaching, Painting, Change and Me

For quite some time I have been thinking about how I could help other visual artists to be more creative, but was not sure how. I was an art teacher for over 10 years but that mostly was about teaching art techniques. Then suddenly just a few weeks ago I discovered Creativity Coaching. Of course, you just don’t become a Creativity Coach over night. So there will be a bit of learning to do before I say I am a Creativity Coach. Questions like: Am I ready to change to a new career? Am I qualified for the job? Well, inspite of my misgivings, I decided to get my feet wet and am now taking an online creativity coaching course with Eric Maisel. So far, I have been enjoying the course lessons.The problem is that I love to paint portraits and figures and do not want to give up doing that for coaching. I have complete faith that somehow I can work it out to do both art and coaching.

Well, all I can say is that we should give change a chance and not be too afraid of the unknown. I am looking forward to many days of painting and coaching and most importantly enjoying the process. Change can be a good thing!

I welcome all comments on the subject of change.